multi-media capable seo landing page by boston webdesign, llc.


It is not often that we at affordable web design and seo company get to work on projects that not only fuels our creativity but also strokes our pasion for one the best sports – Golf. ThumbCaddy is an amazing product that forces golfers to grip their club the proper way. This in turn improves the swing which can take strokes off the game. We are tasked to create a website that will ensure that visitors to the site will understand the power of ThumbCaddy within seconds and will be propelled to convert as a paying customer. We are proud to announce that with the “Go-Live” of we have done just that.

About the site is by no means a new website. It has been in existence for the last 7 years and the SEO value of the website is high. However, owner Ralph Darling wanted the website to convey a newness and ease of use. The previous site (which is now behind the new landing-page) was built on Joomla. Our affordable web design staff worked hard to integrate the existing content and display them in a way that makes it easy for a visitor to be convinced of the potency of this little gizmo.

Boston Webdesign, LLC. not only, designed, created and installed the new website, we are also working with to improve their SEO.

Features we implemented

  • Created a video player that is compatible with all major browsers
  • Created various versions of demo video for automatic compatibility
  • Cool jQuery effects including magic-zoom and auto scrolling
  • High-impact yet minimalistic design – that does not distract from the core message
  • Automatic tweeter feed
  • On-page SEO
  • And more…

Technologies used: HTML5, CCS3, Custom Javascript Video Player, JQuery