Local Visibility by Boston Web Design

Sometimes you just don’t have the time it takes to invest in making your business locally visible on Google+, Google Places and Google Maps. To be on the front page of Google’s Local listings, you have to spend a lot of time:

  • Researching
  • Collecting
  • Executing
  • Optimizing

your Google Local Listings. It takes time and effort. That time may be better served on managing your business. That’s where we come in. In other words, if you’d rather get the work done by a professional than to do the local SEO work yourself, then this option is best for you.

We can get you on top of Google Local Listings (the local-search results formerly called Google Maps and then Google Places). There is a one-time fee of $1350 which covers pretty much everything. We do most of the work (more than 96%) except a few things that only you can do such as, receiving post-card from Google to verify your physical address.

Here is what we do for you:

1. Research: Now, you may be the best person to speak about your business, but most of the time, business owners need guidance in identifying highly converting keywords. Take this example: even though the term “roaches” get a ton of Google hits everyday, if you own a Pest Control business in Massachusetts, a more qualified term would probably be “Roach control Quincy”. As you can see, the later phrase qualifies the search as a potential buyer.

When you hire us to do your Google Plus Local Page optimization, we do the legwork in finding the terms that you need to succeed with because when we say “optimize“, we mean optimize for certain Key Phrases in “your” area of service.

2. Competitive Analysis: If you are not keeping an eye on your competition, then either you have a monopoly or you are simply ignoring one of the most crucial aspects of keeping a steady flow of customers coming to you.

We scrutinize your competitors’ listings and figure out exactly what they are doing so that we can do One Better.

3. Validate your current listing: Chances are your business is already listed on several directories or sites. However, to rank high on Local SEO and to rise to the top of Google’s local listings, you need to ensure that all the information about you around the globe is:

  1. Accurate
  2. Consistent
  3. Optimized

It is easy to understand why accuracy is important, but did you know that consistency in your listing is equally important? Consider this: Google can only “collect” your listings and give you credit for it if all the listings “match” – e.g: Netrain and Nettrain are not the same and could be pointing to two different companies.

5. We optimize your listing and your website with the knowledge that we acquire from doing Research and Competitive Analysis. We also utilize some of the tools of the trade that we have picked up in the last several years which have proven to work every time in pushing your position on the first page of Google plus page.

6. Once we have our (your) house in order, it is time for building Citations. Citations are credits to your business and website from other properties of the web.

More prominent the website giving you the citation, the better it is for your placement on Local Search. Consider this: If Google finds two businesses that are similarly optimized, it will rank the one with the higher citation over the other. We submit your business profile to over 100 highly distinguished directories that provide the citations that will give you the extra push on the SERP (search engine results page).

All of the things mentioned above plus a lot more for just a ONE-TIME fee of $1350.00. There are agencies out there who will charge you anywhere from $1500 to $10K for the same services. Don’t wait till your competition gets a strong footing on the SERP for local Visibility. Knock them off and assume your deserved position. GET STARTED NOW.