A forum is a platform for engaging your visitors – that means more people will spend more time on your site.

Forums used to be for the tech-savvy only, but the proliferation of the internet into our lives has made forums a perfect platform for people to bounce their own ideas against others. In other words forums have made our world even smaller.

For any business who would like to establish themselves as a “tour-de-force” in their domain needs to provide a platform which enables their clients to voice their ideas. Forums are also a great tool to gage the mood of your visitors. e.g a support forum is the perfect platform for your business to allow other experienced user help newer clients, allowing your to utilize your resources in more important business.

Although our development platform for forums is time-tested and robust, when we build a forum for you, we customize it completely to ensure that the design and functionalities conform to your business needs.

The Boston Webdesign difference – What we offer:

A forum can be used in any fashion you wish – our solution will cater to all your needs and will provide you with a state of the art platform to store business intelligent gathered through your client’s interactions.

Boston Webdesign’s custom Forum System Solutions enables:

  • Full control of moderations of questions and comments posted by users
  • Moderators has full control over what gets published and what stays off
  • Tight integration with the rest of your site or standalone
  • Extensive administrator panel allowing your to manage and enhance every concievable aspects of the forum