Introduction to MYAPP.US

Social Networking Platform by Affordable Web Design is an unique website that has all the features of Facebook with one big advantage. The site pays you to make new friends and do what you do best – network with other like-minded members. The membership to the site is not free but the site will pay you back many folds just for doing what you would normally do on a social networking website – invite more friends, connect with others and sharing content. Boston Webdesign, LLC. is proud to present – a lobor of hard work and an exercise in affordable web design –

The site can be classified as a Facebook features enabled money making website. The design is also cutting edge and our team of expert designers have used the most advanced javascript libraries to ensure good Search Engine Optimization, speedy page-load while maintaining the site’s uniqueness.

Dating website built by affordable web design and seo company of Boston, MA is not only a social networking website, but also boasts a dating section for their members who are 18 y.o or older. As a paid member, one can enjoy networking with their friends and then opt-in to find a soul-mate all without leaving the website and while making money.


  • Social Networking Website
  • Live chat with friends
  • Integrated dating site
  • Custom payment module which calculates dues to members (loyalty program)
  • Newsletter Features
  • Latest Javascript slideshows
  • Automatic image manipulation
  • Audio and Video Sharing
  • Customization of member profile
  • Facebook Integration

Technology used: PHP/MySQL, Social Networking Website Platform, Javascript, Dating Engine