If you are still not utilizing the power of Social Networking Websites, you are still behind the 8 ball.

Connecting with visitors via social networking is not only good for your overall image but is also indispensable for the success of your business. Boston Webdesign is the ideal choice for partnering to built the ultimate Social Networking Platform which attracts, connects with people both internally and externally.

Social Networking sites provides an alternative to physical gathering places for “like-minded” individuals sharing a common perspective. To your business it could mean the ultimate gathering place for your target audience.

Social networking Platform can be professional as well as niche social networks. Networking is the equivalent of “Word-of-mouth” marketing except to an infinitely larger audience. There are literally millions of your potential customers surfing the net. How do we get them to Your website?

Harnessing the power of social networking is like having a captive audience waiting to hear your perfect business pitch.

This is what Boston Webdesign can do for you:

Although we take all your needs into account while building a social networking platform Рit can broadly be categorized in two ways: Basic and Advanced features.


  • Customizable User-Profiles
  • User Blogging
  • Image Galleries
  • Video Galleries
  • Wall Comments, Post Comments
  • Private Messaging
  • Friends List
  • Friend’s Updates
  • Site-wide Search
  • Forums
  • Groups
  • Classified Advertisements
  • Administrative Accounts
  • Your corporate Branding
  • Usage and Site Analytics
  • Viral Friends Inviter


  • Multimedia Players (Audio and Video)
  • iPhone/Mobile Access
  • Email Newsletters
  • Custom Contests
  • Ad Revenue Management
  • Featured Members
  • Instant Messenger
  • Open Social-Media API
  • Banner Ad Management System
  • Widget Library
  • Custom Widgets
  • Profile Management
  • Advanced Site-wide Branding
  • Superior Tech Support
  • Rating and Tagging
  • User File and Content Sharing
  • Resume’ Creator
  • SKYPE / IM Integration
  • News Portal
  • Polls and Surveys
  • YouTube Video Integration
  • Inappropriate Content Flagging

No matter what your business size or goals are, with Boston Webdesign on your side you can be rest assured that your Social Networking Platform is going to transform your ideas into reality. We offer years of experience in the Social Networking space and constant upgrades to the latest and greatest tools of the trade.