Let us manage your site once its built

So now that your site is live, you need to ensure that your site continues to deliver the content and functions to its visitors without interruptions and down-time. This is not art – this is pure mechanics of good web-mastering. Boston Webdesign are expert Webmasters and we are here to help! Find out why our webmaster services are the best around.

With changing times, your business adapts and so should your website. Keep your website on the cutting edge with the whole suite of service offered by Boston Webdesign.

Our web master staff at Boston Webdesign can handle all the maintenance hassles while you concentrate on strategic problems.

Our Webmaster Services:

  • Website upgrades
  • Server upgrades
  • Database tuning
  • Database and content back-ups
  • Automation of repeating tasks
  • Custom scripting for Reports
  • Website traffic monitoring
  • Load-monitoring and alerts
  • File and data upload
  • Email creation and managements
  • Newsletter and Email distribution
  • Customer Relationship Management

Webmaster Services Plans

We have a plan that will suit both your long-term and immediate needs:

Hourly Plan

If your web master needs are intermittent, we recommend the Hourly Plan
$75/hr., 2 hour Minimum charge. Billed in 15 Minute increments after the first hour.

Site Maintenance Package

If your website experiences more frequent updates, then it makes sense for you to purchase a site maintenance package

Web site maintenance Package includes following services

  • Priority service, shorter Turn Around (1-2 Business Days)
  • Update, correct or create new HTML web pages as requested
  • Image scanning, optimization and adding images to web sites
  • Verify all links

Does not include layout changes, flash animation, database and ASP, PHP, CF, etc. programming work.

If you have not exhausted all your hours, then take advantage of Boston Webdesign, LLC.’s Carry Over Hours option – Carry Over Hours We will carry over any number of hours which you did not exhaust from your maintenance package into the next month up to 3 months. For Example: If you have a Medium Size Business Package and only use 3 hour (2 carry over hours) in the 1st. month, and then 2 hours (3 carry over hours) in the 2nd. month, you can carry over 5 unused hours to 3rd. month. Change/revision requests must be sent by email.

Website Maintenance Plans (webmaster services):

No Plan Name Details and Price
1 Iron Plan (Small Business) 3 Hours of web master work per month
2 Bronze Plan (Medium size Business) 6 Hours of web master work per month
$550.00/month (1 hour free)
3 Silver Plan (Corporate Clients) 10 Hours of web master work per month
$750.00/month (2 hours free)
4 Gold Plan (Enterprise-class) 20 Hours of web master work per month
$1500.00/month (3 hours free)

***Never worry about losing your hours…
we carry over your hours month to month for up to 4 months***

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