The first step to great Website Design would be to catch the attention of the right audience. For example, if you are designing a restaurant website then your aim should be to target restauranteurs and not plumbers or electricians or beauticians. Having a correct page layout with a site logo, a page title with all the information about the business and a navigation area is very important. The main standard of good web design company being repetition, contrast, proximity and alignment. One should never overlook that. There should definitely be a footer with a contact email address, copyright and last update. There should a right harmony of text, graphics and white space on the page and perfect contrast between text and background. The home page should download fast to ensure people don’t lose interest and leave the site.

The website should be compatible with browsers like Internet Explorer( version 7+), Opera (version 9+), Safari for Mac and Windows and Firefox (version 3+).

A first class Web design company would use right graphics and color to entice visitors to a website. Too much graphics may make download slow and drive people away. The use of color should be uniform. Color use should be limited to three or four plus neutrals. Animation if used should be done sparingly.

Audio, video or flash file can be done for a website depending on the requirements. If one is designing a website for a DJ or a music company, the audio,video or flash file would embellish the website than turn visitors away. There should be caption for each audio or video file used. Information like how long it will take to download an audio or video file or links to downloads for media plug-ins should also be furnished.

An ideal Web design company would write contents in popular and simple fonts. Ideally the pages would have headings, bullet points, short sentences, correct space between words to make the site look more enticing and crisp. The content should be consistent in appearance and providing the right amount of information. Information should be available with the minimum possible clicks. Contents should be updated regularly with links to other useful sites. Always use spell check to make sure there are no spelling mistakes and any kind of grammatical or typographical errors should be avoided. Regular link colors are preferable but if not then consistent colors should be used to indicate visited sites and sites not visited. It is recommended to avoid usage of terms like ‘click here’ for hyperlinks.

The website should function smoothly with all the internal, external hyperlinks working. The forms functioning as they should and no JavaScript errors generated.

Breadcrumb navigation does help users to find their way in a website with a lot of pages. In terms of usability, breadcrumbs improve the fundability of website sections and pages. A Web design company making content heavy web sites would use a search box as the most frequently used design element. For users navigating content heavy websites, a search box is the easiest way for them to find the information they want.